10 Tips For An Awesome Beard

1.  Choose Your Beard Style

Before you start growing your beard, you’ll want to know what kind of beard you ultimately want to have. This will give your growing efforts direction and keep you on track to achieving your beard goals. Your first step is knowing what kind of beard you want.

2.  Define Your Neckline

A common beard growing mistake is starting your neckline out too high. Let your beard grow completely under your under your chin (about an inch above the Adam’s apple)...Not just on the edge of your chin and jaw line. While the chinstrap approach is fine while your beard is short, it will cause problems for you later down the road if your goal is to have a fuller, longer beard. Start your beard growing journey by properly defining your neckline in the beginning. This will set you up for success and less headache later.

3.  Be Patient and Fight the Beard Itch

Some guys can grow facial hair like crazy and super fast. For the majority of us though, it’s a slow process. It takes weeks, months and even years to grow a kick ass beard. You’ve got to be patient. Don’t be in a hurry. The first 2-4 weeks will probably be itchy and a bit uncomfortable at times. Now isn’t the time to throw in the towel. Your balls probably itch sometimes…Did you cut them off? NO. Fight through it. It’s worth it when you have a killer beard.

4.  Use Beard Oil

    It’s a fact. If you’re not using a beard oil, you’re just making things harder on yourself. Beard oil will help hydrate your facial hair and the skin that lies beneath your beard to promote healthy growth as well as greatly reduce beard itch and flakes (aka beardruff). Make sure to invest in a quality beard oil. You’ll be glad you did. 

    5.  Don’t Micro-Manage

      Once you start to get some momentum and your beard starts to get more length and takes shape, it’s really easy to overdo it with maintenance and trimming. Too much trimming can hinder your efforts and delay your beard goals. Not to mention that it’s just more opportunities to butcher something and have to start over.

      6.  When In Doubt… Grow It Out

        Pretty self-explanatory here. If you’re not sure if you should make this trim or that trim… DON’T. Play it safe and let it grow. It’s not worth risking months of regrowth time to catch back up to where you were.

        7.  Invest In a Beard Comb and Brush Early On

          A good wooden pocket comb is absolutely essential for every bearded man. They’re antistatic unlike plastic combs and far less prone to snags and pulls that damage your hair. Carry your beard comb with you everyday so you can keep that face fuzz in check all day and night. You’ll be glad you’ve got it and lost without it.

          A bristle brush will fine-tune your grooming efforts and help each hair lay in the same direction. A brush lets you achieve a more uniform look. Using a bristle brush trains your beard to grow how you want it to grow. Use need to use one as often as you can. A brush will exfoliate the skin beneath your beard which helps promote growth.  

          8.  Don’t Let Negative Comments Bother You

            As you grow your beard out, people talk, comment and make remarks. Sometimes they’re passive aggressive and make negative comments. Be ready for it and don’t let it bother you. They’re just not used to seeing you with your new facial hair. As time goes by and they become more accustomed to seeing you with a beard, these comments will stop or be very few and far between. You’re growing this beard for you…Not anyone else. So beard on!

            9.  Trim Your Beard and Mustache Regularly

              Without micro-managing your beard and stache, you’ll still want to do some regular trimming and maintenance. This is going to help get rid of split ends and encourage growth as well as keep you looking your best.

              10.  Avoid Picking and Pulling at Your Beard

                Most guys touch their beards literally hundreds, if not, thousands of times each day. It can be damaging though. The key here is to just be mindful of this and especially don’t pick or pull at any one specific area. Try to keep your hands off as much as you can.