How To Apply Beard Oil

Applying beard oil is quick and easy and is something every bearded man should do each and every day. Beard oil will help nourish and rejuvenate the hair and skin, keeping it healthy and strong. The amount you use depends on the length of your facial hair and your personal preference, but remember a little oil will go a long way in helping to moisturize your beard hair and the skin beneath your beard.

Use the dropper to dispense the oil into your hands. Start with a dime-sized amount. Rub the oil into both of your hands and in between your fingers coating your hands and finger tips. Then, work the oil into your beard coating all of your facial hair. Make sure that you try to work the oil all the way down to the skin that's under your beard and mustache too.

When should you apply your beard oil?

Applying oil a couple times a day is a good idea. A great time to apply your beard oil is each morning after a shower. This will help keep your beard moisturized and feeling fresh throughout the day. Another great time to apply oil is before bed. This will help soften your beard and keep your face hydrated throughout the night while you sleep.

Tip: Unscented beard oil is great for using before bed.

Applying oil at these times will have you on your way to the most epic beard you've ever grown.

After you've applied your beard oil, you can comb, brush and style your beard as normal and go about your day.